List group by value

Hi everyone and happy new year !

I’m trying to do some sorting with a list and I can’t figure the right way to do it.
Let me explain the problem :

I have a list like this :

[0] A
[1] V

[1] List
[0] A
[1] W

[2] List
[0] B
[1] X

[3] List
[0] B
[1] Y

[4] List
[0] B
[1] Z

And this list can go long and long but my point is :
I would like to make list depending on the “common” number that i found in [0] (and as i say, with unknown value or number of the value in [0] - depending of the project)
[0] List

[0] List

Hope someone has the answer ^^


Will the item you need always be index [1]-[2]?

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Thank you, I’ll try this right away.

@John : Yes, the value i need is always in [1]

@Vikram : Is the “Groupbyfunction” Node is directly in Dynamo or in a package ?

No package, it’s in Dynamo 0.9.1 and 1.0

Here’s what i get.
After the second it’s begin to look like what i’m searching for but the flatten didn’t seems to work as yours.

Not sure what i’m missing there…


Flatten seems to work as expected in 0.8.2 too.

Not sure what the problem is.


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If you are in Manual, maybe you didn’t Run after adding/altering the Flatten node :slight_smile:


Thanks !