List filtering issue


Hello all,

I am trying to isolate floor element(s) from a list, that match a floor type in the project. Trying to use and list.FilterByBoolMask - but unable to receive the expected output …






The red marking on the left, illustrates where element type corresponds, and the false value marked on the right is where I would expect it to be “true” ?

Any suggestions on what I am doing wrong ? Isn’t this how and bool filter is supposed to work ?




I’m not a big expert on the, but from what i’ve experienced i think the issue is that your element.type list contains sublist of some length, and your floor type list is a much longer list. so the node will compare the index of the two diffrent list, but since your element.type list only contanis 5 elements, it will only apply the function from the 5 first elements in the floor types list. see picture:























Another way of achieving what you are after could be like this:


Argh, it was so obvious. I tried to run at list[6] against a list[16]. Of course it returned false.

In regards to your proposed solution, i’ve already used that previously - so i guess i’m using that again. Just thought the was a nice solution (if it worked).

Problem solved:

Previous use:

Thank you for the guidance :slight_smile: