Contains with every list item?

Any node can contains every item in the list?

Similar like that but the result compare every item not the whole list
2-4-2015 10-47-33 AM


Hi Hou,

My first thought was to use List.Map, but the “Contains” node seems to be able to check only lists. So you could either make sure that each value is a list(like shown on the left) or you could try a different node( “==” works great if you’re comparing numbers or strings). If you’re going to use the boolean list to extract the value, maybe “IndexOf” in combination with “List.GetItemAtIndex” might be a faster approach.

What is your end goal?


Thanks Dimitar Venkov

i was try to filter the elements by parameter value

for example i want select all walls elements Room Bounding=Yes

2-5-2015 2-37-58 PM


If you want to filter, use a filter: