Filter true, false items

Hi everyone,

i want to filter points with a X-coördinate which can be several value’s.
how do i do this?

thanks already!

use Level ( the small arrow beside the input of List.Contains node), also you may need to use Cross Product lacing (Right click on the node )

Yes, just like khuzaimah said you will need list levels in your List.Contains node.
You can enable list levels when using the small arrow: > on the node.

A bit like this @419510 ?

In this case you’ll want to click on the List input chevron (>) to access the contextual menu for List@Level, and turn that on as well as Keep list structure for both nodes in my image.

You’ll want to use Level 1 for the List.Contains node with Cross Product Lacing, and Level 2 for the List.TrueForAny node :slight_smile: