List. FilterByBoolMask


List values stands as null. Help please

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what are you trying to do? what is it you want to gain? please provide as much information as possible!

But trying to decipher what you have shown. If I understand it correct, then try to use a simple statement in a code block. In your case would a ‘GroupByKey’ be even more simple.

I am not sure but i had similar problem and i was comparing string with numbers maybe this is your problem too



I want to divide the list from the values to separete in 127 in 220.

In that case use the solution given by @Erik_Falck_Jorgensen using “List.GroupByKey” node.

It seems to me that nods are not accepting list values.

How could I turn list values ​​into a nood code block, it accepts the values ​​from the list.

Thank you

@fillipe.figueiro Right click change lacing to longest.

Or Use Flatten node before “List.GroupByKey”.

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Thank you, transform the string into a number, how had EzDoesIt he spoken.

if you need the numbers in your further data treatment, then you should turn strings into numbers. That said… you are using to many operations for a simple arrangement of your data.
You should always consider how many times you traverse data, and each node doing some computational work is “costing”.

Therefore is @Kulkul solution THE solution (and you should mark it as the solution!).

You could also use levels in the ‘GroupByKey’. In the node coming after ‘GroupByKey’ would you have to use levels as well, This way you can skip the ‘Flattern’ node. If you can risk data in different depths, then use ‘Flattern’.

My simple statement code block was a solution if you needed ALL “127” strings (or numbers) in one list and everything else in another list. Using ‘FilterByBoolMask’ indicated that this could be the case.
Therefore, please remember always to provide a solid decriptions of your problems.