List.FilterByBoolMask Issue

I have two lists that I am filtering using the ‘List.FilterByBoolMask’ node.

With the top list I get the desired result, but with the bottom list it is not giving me a value for list 5.

Could this be an issue with the node or possible the depth of the list?

I could probably flatten the bottom list and make it work, but I came across this issue when I added more elements and ran the graph again. So I want to see if I can figure out why it is doing this so it’s not an issue down the road.

The list structure is not the same, that is why. If you look at your top list, you just have items in each list, but on your bottom watch you have sub-lists. Without seeing how those lists are being created it is hard to say, but

Here you have the 0 List and 1 List under each item. You could look to use Levels on your Bool Mask node and see if that helps.