List filter - remove if not

hi everyone,


it seems easy to filter the first list, but somehow it doesn’t work for “RevisionCloud” or any other Strings…

the main goal i just to select all revisioncloud from each sheet.

any help?

Hi Yen,

You need to change lacing to longest to “RemoveIfNot” node.

I would also recommend looking at this post. Not sure what your end goal is but the script in there might be what you are trying to do.



nope, i tried all the different lacing.

thank you Steve,


i also want to retreive the information or comments inside each instance of RevisionCloud.

Thoses parameters for every instance on every pre-selected sheet. could be very useful for Revision management.



At my firm we are trying the method in that post rather than keeping a revisions log in excel. Have done it on two revision submitals so far and seems to be working well.


somehow, my nodes doesnt works like yours…



Below there are 2 methods shown to filter “Revision cloud”. You can use any of them. Good Luck!

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nice! thank you KULKUL!