List object in link with level and elevation

Please I need a help I work in electrical model and I need dynamo script to list object with family name in mechanical link with level and elevation
the second thing if possible I need this list to detect the minus elevation and consider it as this object in down level
and elevation above number I add it consider it as in above level
any way to do that ??

Get the object from a linked model? Archilab package has some awesome nodes for this I believe. Get the element’s level? Element.GetParameterValueByName should do the trick. Get the element’s location? That’s a GetLocation node. Get the level above the element? Well I believe there is a level above node out there somewhere, and a level below as well. If not try getting all levels in the project, sort them by elevation, and get the index of your objects level. Then get the next (above) or privious (below) level using a List.GetItemAtIndex node.


Please I am so beginner with dynamo I need the script

Try something.


OK THANQ , I WILL TRY:frowning:

The problem Jacob is that I am not in the place that will give me time to try to improve my work so that I was trying to learn from ready prepared scripts from professional ones but sorry if you understand me wrong and thank you for replying

Please don’t take it personally, this is a general rule on this forum, we are used to the kind of request you made and we just can not accept it :slightly_smiling_face: