Can´t get "Ebene"(Level) from linked file?


I stuck, for any reason the level-value is empty or null.
How can i solve that?


What does the error say?
Please post a picture of all nodes involved with the previews @Draxl_Andreas

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PlaceDimensionssetTextDoor_V1.dyn (93.5 KB)

list deepth i think it is not the issue(?)

I think you are trying to grab the linked element twice here
GetParameterValueByName should do fine here, since you already have your elements.

hmmm… where? (I had some trouble to get the correct linked(from 94 Links) - it works)

Can you try Element.Parameters to check if the Parameter is available or in possibly English?

2020-08-13_15h39_19 2020-08-13_15h38_39

it lists all, and for any reason i have two “Ebenen” Levels
when i am indexing it, it counts all doors(?) and values
why have i lists in lists?
i tried flatten without any result.

in english it is just empty

I want to sort doors by level, because for any reason when i select all doors the script annotates the doors in my view 18times at the same place(each door). I think when i preselect my elements i hope i can achive it that it will placed just one dimension by one door.

I can take any node for linked elements either it is “Null” or “empty”.

In this case, use the Element Level node :

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One of the reasons why LinkElement.GetParameterValueByName node is throwing an exception is because you are not providing the correct input type. It expects LinkElement(s) which are unique to BimorphNodes; you cant use any other package to collect ‘linked element’s’ and use them with the LinkElement nodes as they are returned as Autodesk.Revit.DB.Element not a BimorphNodes.Revit.LinkElement.

As LinkElement is a specific type found in BimorphNodes you need to use one of the nodes from BimorphNodes which allows you to collect and return LinkElement’s, such as LinkElement.OfCategory …then you can use any of the other LinkElement nodes, then it will work as expected:

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i got always the same warning :frowning:

it is also None. I need the levels 006_F4, 005_F,… …it also there put can`t filter my elements

i have no elevation. doors all placed at 0 offset from the level.

@Draxl_Andreas It needs LinkElements mate - see my screenshot.

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that was it, thank you…