List difference with Python

I want to delete elements from a first list that are contained on other list. The problem with set.difference is that those elements from the second list are deleted but also repeated elements from the first list are deleted. So I decided to try it out in Python but due to my low knowledge in Python, I don´t achieve it.
Any suggestions?
Thanks in advance.

and an easier example
list.Set.difference.dyn (5.8 KB)

If you don’t need to keep the structure you can combine the lists, flatten them, and then pull just the unique values.

To keep the structure I believe there is a ‘list.removelistfromlist’ node in clockwork.

So you want to take List 1 and remove all items in List 2? Can you check the items in List 2 against List 1 then use a BooleanMask to remove the matches?

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Thanks for your reply JacobSmall and Nick-Boyts,

Nick_Boyts, your skript is working perfectly! :slight_smile:

Alt opt with DScript