Remove a short list from a longer list

Short story here, I need to remove the list of 6 items from the list of 37 items. Someone showed me once how to cross lace an == and then compile that into a list of 37, counting the true values. It contained a bit of code and I cant find it anymore.The end result is a graph that allows you to wipe or set your type and instance mark. The list I am trying to create would ONLY wipe unplaced elements. so one list gets all elements, one list gets placed elements, I need to remove placed elements from the list of all elements. Thoughts? thanks for your help in advance :slight_smile:

Whipe Window and Door Marks 9.53am(Full UI).dyn (136.1 KB)

Hi @J_Sanford

I didn’t understand why you want to extract the 6 values since you already have the 6 values in the first list, maybe I understood wrong your question haha :slight_smile: . Anyway, is thiat what are you trying to do?

Is List.SetDifference what you’re after? That would remove any items that are in your first list from your second list.

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basically I have a list of every window and door in the project, placed or unplaced. Then I have a list of all placed windows and doors. What I need is a list of all unplaced windows and doors, so the list that has EVERYTHING in it, I need to remove the 6 windows that are placed. I want to wipe type and instance marks for unplaced windows and doors.

Oh yeah, now I got it :slight_smile:

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looking at it, its actually your OUT list that I need in that example :slight_smile: thanks!