List Combine with potential empty list

Hi friends,

I am looking for a method of combining multiple lists of unequal lengths that have the potential to be empty. Using the List.Combine node with a join combinator gives me the exact results I am looking for:

However, when one of the list inputs is set to empty the node fails:

Any suggestions on how to account for this situation?

Make sure your lists are a matching depth. If you intend to append the empty list with a different depth onto the longer list.

If you can’t manage to maintain a consistent depth in the data structures, merging the lists in another manor may be better suited. This also provides some performance benefits overall as functions are somewhat cumbersome in Dynamo.

Brilliant as always @JacobSmall! Thank you for the answer!

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@AnthonyZ ,
with large amounts of data, List.Combine will be very slow. Minutes vs seconds!
I’m also always trying to use Create and Transpose.

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