List.Chop varying list length

Hi I am trying to use list chop with a varying list length to capture my transverse members…screenshot attached

That then uses a polylcurve to generate through the transverse points and then exploded to get at the segments

Not sure how to get the varying list to work tried to remove using clear list

An ideas greatly appreciated

Data_tree-grillage members_Rev_C.dyn (158.7 KB)

This looks like a data management oversight. The solution is going to be up stream (i.e. earlier in your graph), where I’m guessing your data structure is 2D and then you’ve gone ahead and flattened it later, thus destroying your data structure and landing you in a bit of a quandary. Is this the case? Or maybe a better question is, how have you created your points?

Sorry Thomas for my tardy reply.

Data structure is 3D although the Z ordinate is zero, it will have a value other than 0. The cross section can cater for a dZ value.

Solved the issue by creating three lists and code blocks, the list with the decreasing length was the issue. Found it quite tricky but got there.