Calling out sublists, and moving them

Hey there, i am currently trying to succed with this… As you can see from the Picture, i have a lot of sublists in my, point by coordinates.

The thing im trying to is, that i want to call out evry second sublist, and then give them, 0.5 in starting point so they would be like this instead. So that every second row would be shited from the previously.

Hope you Guys have some toughts about the subject, thx in advantage

Thx in advantage

@Phanse17 To understand your question, I am providing you a solution based on my list which doesn’t have Point, I am using numbers, but if you think that this is what you want then maybe can share your file with me and I will apply the same logic on Points as well.


Ritesh, that would be awesome if you would do that… here is the file… I think that what you are doing is what i need :slight_smile:
Lasercut final V1.4.dyn (34.3 KB)