List and sublists


Hi all

I’m having a problem with my lists.

I am pulling warnings from multiple linked models and listing them according to the model name.
However, when I combine the lists, the model name only applies to the first 12 warnings, since there is only 12 models.

My question is, how do I add the correct model name to the related warning i field 0 i the list. I want to list the model name in front of all warnings when I export to Excel.

Thanks alot in advance.


use count and repeated items


Thank you @Marcel_Rijsmus. I tried to implement the nodes, but don’t get the proper function out of them. Perhaps I’m putting them in the wrong place. Could you elaborate?


in the first node i create a single text (something)
in the second node i create an alphabetic sequence
in the list count node it counts how long my list is (18 items)
in the 4th node i repeat the outcome of the fist node 18 times.
so, count the number of warnings and repeat the name of the model x-times>>use list create and transpose to write in excel use list create more than once to create sublists
list create creates a list.
the result from that in a new list create node makes it a sublist


@Marcel_Rijsmus I tried it, but it does not have the effect I want. See attached picture.

I want to add the correct model name to each warning. Now they just appear in the beginning of the list and the warnings appear after.


i dont know how many linked models you have, can you tell me?
and remove the list at level in the count node please


I have 9 models which I extract the data from.
I’v removed the list at level in the count, but it does not help.


can you show me what you have now with all the previews


Off cause. Thank you.

Below is a capture from the workspace with all previews


Hello. This version of the python node should have the structure you wanted. Let me know if it needs changes:
linkedwarning inc model.dyn (2.9 KB)


That is absolutely brilliant. Thank you so much. This is extremely useful!

Will have to dive more into the API and Python!