List all paremeter types

Hi guys,

Is there any way to list all types of parameters as the Parameter Groups node of the Data-Shapes package already does? (attached image) I have researched and I have discovered that in old versions, with the nodes of archi-lab if that possibility existed, now you can only choose one at a time.

So are you looking for a non-package method to list all the parameter groups?

I guess this is what you’re after:

I borrowed the Python Script from the “ParameterGroup list” node (thanks Data-Shapes). And query for Parameter types instead (they do however not come out alphabetically, therefore the Sorting.

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No, sorry, maybe I have not explained myself well. I want to find a way to list all the type parameters.

So what you wish is a massive list of all Parameters related to all Types in one big jumble with heaps of duplicates?

Can you possibly illustrate which end result it is that you require?

For the Built In parameters see:

Use Element.ElementType and Element.Parameters for the rest of them.


It is exactly what I needed!

Thank you so much!!