Linking an SAT. File For Conceptual Massing from Dynamo to Revit

I’m trying to create a mass in revit that I can generate mass floors out of. Rather than model it in revit, I chose to model it in dynamo. The image attached compares the two methods:

Left: Modelled in dynamo as a surface at each level, extruded to the level above

Right: Revit Mass with applied mass floors

I need to get area take off of the floors, and the only way I can push what I’ve made into revit seems to be as an imported object. I can’t do anything with such.

I was hoping there could be a way to import my geometry from dynamo into revit as an in-place mass so I could apply mass floors to it. I won’t attach the full script because it is really long and convoluted. It is really the end part of the script I need to figure out. I’ve attached the current end of my script

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refer to this post

For bringing data back in the other direction- this is quite straightforward- each solid in the SAT becomes a Revit element

It sounds like you are trying to round-trip the data in using both ExportToSAT and linking the SAT back into Revit ??

I am not sure you understand what I am trying to do, or maybe I do not understand the answer you have given me. my goal is to use dynamo to generate surfaces, which I would export as a SAT. Once I do this, I was hoping to link this SAT. into my revit file as a conceptual mass, thus being able to assign floor plates to each surface…

This would allow me to be able to update the surfaces in dynamo, automatically overwrite the SAT. once changes are made, and the linked massing would updated the floor plates.

Maybe it does not work that way, but what you are proposing I do looks like an import of a SAT. geometry into dynamo, and use that to generate a floor in revit?

Could I use the DirectShape.ByGeometry node with surfaces created in dynamo rather than a SAT.? Also, does this node create a floor in revit?

Lastly, the thread you linked me to does not help me unfortunately, regarding exporting multiple geometries to a SAT. file, as I have tried to union all my solids (of which they are all intersecting) and thread the final solid into the export node, but the union node doesnt seem to work with the amount of geometry I have?

@cp_questions: Could you please read this first or once more? Thanks

did I miss something in it?

Be succinct, Attach minimal versions of all the relevant files, Include a detailed image or sketch if it makes sense, Include links to online resources if possible, etc.”, all of these are only suggestions, but it helps to avoid that people loose their time and energy by not understanding what you’re trying to do. Thanks :slight_smile:

Understandable, :relaxed: I’ll try to edit the description a bit better, and add images. I’ve been spinning my wheels

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It seems like a roundabout way of doing it.

I would suggest running Dynamo in the conceptual massing environment and eliminating the SAT part of the process.

Then do the massing floors and area takeoff in Revit



Hi Andrew,

I tried this method, but for some reason I can’t run dynamo when revit is utilizing the mass environment. When in Massing environment, dynamo will not complete the run until I have exited the mass environment, and I can not open dynamo from the environment either.

Is there something I am missing?

You need to run Dynamo outside of the sketch mode


I apologize, by I must be missing something. I either run the script outside the massing environment, then enter it (and the imported object is greyed out, not in the environment), or I go into massing environment, and I can’t run, or open dynamo. It’s probably something pretty basic, I’m missing something :worried:

Alternate Solution I’m trying:

Create the mass in the revit mass environment, than get that mass geometry using Element.Geometry, and move the surfaces using dynamo. Although I now have the geometry in dynamo, but can’t seem to figure our how to deconstruct the geometry to get each surface… I guess there is a chance that this isn’t possible…