Link number of items with unique key

Hi guys,

I retrieved the number of element per unique key, but now I am trying to merge them in order to export it to excel.

For example: if I have US (key number 1) and that (key number 1) is 41 elements, I would like to have a node that creates 41-US. What would be the best practise to do so?

thanks for your help!


Assuming you started with a List.GroupByKey, and that feeds your List.Count with @L2, you’d be able to use a code block like counts + “ “ + keys;, or pair of + nodes (one to append a space before the unique keys, and one to join the count to the spaced keys).

Nice and it will automatically link both data correctly? it wont mix it with the wrong

It only uses my first data and apply it to all the systems

Remove the list.create.

omg :rofl: :man_facepalming: thanks Jacob!

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