Bind IFC in a BIM 360 Revit 2019


I’m very new to Dynamo and requesting some help, a project for steel detailing that is set up for collaboration in BIM 360 (we are not hosting it) will have a new IFC file sent to us weekly, we are required to do the following:

insert tab - link IFC
the file path and names wont be changed (there are 3 different buildings=3 IFC files)
selecting the IFC links
in the contextual tab - Bind Link
Dialog Box- Bind Link Options - include - none selected (not vital)
Lastly we get a warning for us to remove the link which we want to select

is there a way for me to at least link the 3 IFC? Bind it with a keyboard shortcut (would i have to select one at a time)?

Please let me know if there is anything I can do.

Thanks in advance

Alejandra Contreras

Hi @acontreras,

There is a Link IFC node in Genius Loci package that allows you to link IFC files in Revit.
I’m not sure it fits perfectly your workflow.

We can´t do reference .dxf in BIM 360. My company is in contact with Autodesk. Still now it´s complicated and there is no solution.
Hope for a solution soon :slight_smile:

DXF and IFC are two very different things. I believe the post above by @Alban_de_Chasteigner should work in this case.

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