Link DWG vs. Import DWG - Same Parameters, different result

I have a huge problem with the import dwg / link dwg nodes from the Genius Loci Package. In my opinion both are pretty much doing the same, but the outcome is different.

Import dwg uses the “doc.Import”-Method, Link dwg uses the “doc.Link”
Link-Method -
Import-Method -

I use the same settings for both of the Nodes. When executing the functions the DWG Import works fine. Every item gets rotated to view and looks perfectly. My problem is that I need the Link Element Node which places the Links on the views, but these are not placed properly. Sometimes, they are rotated to view, but most times, these are rotated, some even arount 180°, so they appear as mirrored files.

Does anyone know how to solve this problem, I already spent hours on it and came to no solution :frowning:

Thank you so much!! :wink:

_link_dwg_files.dyn (28.7 KB)

is there a particular reason why you need link element node? technically, they are the same thing. import dwg will have the CADlink as well.

maybe the author of the package could share some insight about this?

I wish to be able to update my linked dwgs. Therefore I need the LinkDWG.

I solved my problem by linking the files to my floor plans and copying it from there to my elevations.

It´s not the most beautiful solution, but it works…

I looked into the nodes. They seem to work pretty much the same way. Problem lies probably in RevitApi…