Linetype scale is not correct when importing dwg into Revit

I am having an issue with the linetype scale when importing a dwg into Revit. I am using Dynamo to create a legend view from existing view in Revit. The script exports out the view to dwg. Then imports the dwg into a newly created legend view. The linetype scale looks correct in the dwg, but somehow gets off when it imports back into Revit.

Hidden line in Revit view

Hidden line in DWG export

Hidden line in Legend View with DWG import (lines are offset)

Part of the script that Exports and Imports the DWG

If I need to upload the script, please let me know.

It looks as if the bottom line is shorter in the last screenshot, so it might not be about the linetype scale at all.

Yeah, based on the look of the view, the bottom line does appear shorter, but they are the same length. Both lines are edges of an actual element in Revit, so they do extend the same distance across. The VG was set to show the edges of the element as hidden lines, so that other elements in the view could be emphasized. It’s just weird that both lines are the same in the Revit view and the dwg export, but then get off scale or out of whack, when imported back into Revit.

FYI, I was able to narrow the issue down to being with Autocad and how it handles the import from Revit. I exploded the dwg and found that it classified the lines with different layers and with different linetypes. Not sure if this is still a Dynamo issue with the Export View Setup or not, so I won’t mark this issue as solved, just yet.