Line by start and end point connecting path between levels. I don't want the connecting vertical line

Hi there,
First, I cannot create a beam using polycurve. I get an error regarding BSpline not implemented. This is odd as the node is Beam by curve?
Second, I’m using line by start and end point. This works however the line connects points at different levels. I would like to separate the path at each level with no connection between levels. Once I use the beam by curve node I get a vertical diagonal beam connecting the levels and I have to delete it each time the geometry generates. I have tried using sublists, ranges etc but I cannot find a way to repeat the sequence at each level using the line by start and end point. There are a number of floors so I want to avoid separating the points out per level. I hope this makes sense and if anyone can help I would appreciate it. Thanks.

@DynamoCanDo Would help if you could elaborate with screenshots and files of your failed attempts.

Hi there,
thank you for the reply.
The above shows the two questions i have. The first two images illustrate the diagonal line i do not require. It’s the nature of the line start point and end point that joins all the points and i don’t know how to manipulate this any other way.
The second is the poly curve node doesn’t work with the beam node. This is surprising.
Any feedback would be great.

See if this helps
beamByCurve.dyn (52.1 KB)

Thank you.
This worked like a charm!