Learning About WPF

I am looking to learn about making custom UI’s in a revit addin with WPF and xaml.

I have experience in windows form UIs, but not WPF.

Does any have some good references/reading material on making a WPF UI? I can google, but given that I do not know much about the topic, its hard to know if it is good info or bad info.

Thanks in advance!

https://www.youtube.com/@JamesMontemagno/search?query=wpf is probably the most reliable and best option if you’re just starting out. He’s got a lot of videos on the subject. Avoid Tim Corey :joy:

You want to learn:

  1. OOP.
  2. The heap and the stack / value types and reference types.
  3. Events and event handlers.
  4. XAML.
  5. Windows, pages, user controls.
  6. Code-behind.
  7. Styles and resources.
  8. MVVM design pattern.
  9. Data context and data bindings.
  10. Relay commands.
  11. Using MVVM frameworks like MVVM.Community.Toolkit as it makes it easier.

More advanced topics which facilitate MVVM:

  1. IoC containers (e.g. Autofac or Prism)
  2. Templating and template selectors.
  3. Error validation.
  4. Service locator pattern - you can use this to bind your VMs to windows/pages.

Thanks Thomas!
I usually watch Tim Corey videos (top google results), so I appreciate the warning.