Learn data doesnt correspond

Hello, I know to topic is quite silly but the problem is:
I am starter at dynamo and I really want to get thrugh all the tutorials on dynamo learn page, but files attatched below the movie tutorials do not correspond with the data used in tutorials, can someone send me zip file or anything like that, I would be so so greatful I really want to learn that

Looking for your answers.

Sorry… but what information/data/zip files are you talking about?

Some links would be fantastic :wink:


Down the page are located two sections : " Resources & Curricula" and “Computational BIM Workshop Materials” and have links with files to download for ex. data set, resources etc.

In tutorials relates to file for ex. 8.4.1 and there is no such a file in those data.
And I just wonder if there is another place to get them or I am just blind.

I guess you’re looking at this:

I cannot in any link find the “ex. 8.4.1” mentioned or otherwise referenced…

I think your best bet for finding “course material” is to look in the top of the course you’re using and search Autodesk University for the course and download the additional course data from there…