Dynamo download center - distinction between compatible Revit versions

Is it documented in one place which Dynamo version works with which Revit versions?
I know this shouldn’t be much of an issue since Revit 2017 and Revit 2018, but I often do projects in Revit 2015, sometimes even 2014. With every re-install or new machine I’m left wondering which version will work for the Revit version I have to design a script for, resulting in time consuming trial-and-error (admit it, this site isn’t the fastest for downloads). This is also the best suggestion I can give to coworkers who face the same thing.

Can I request that the site admins look for a way or at least a resource to make this more transparent?



That’s sort of my point; you can find it if you know where to look. But right now it is not obvious which Dynamo version is suitable for which Revit versions. Not all Dynamo versions support all Revit versions, et vice versa.

Another page I found after a bit of googling said this which I find clearer to understand:

But I think it should either get a comment like ‘highest supported version by Revit 201x’, or tagged with all supported Revit versions.

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Care to elaborate a bit more on this?