Latest supported version for Revit 2016


I’ve been looking around the forum for this but couldn’t find any answers.

The latest supported version for Revit 2016 is noted as 1.3.1 on Dynamo Primer:

But on @john_pierson 's blog it’s noted as 1.3.2:

I was wondering which is the correct one. I have been able to open 1.3.2 on R16 and use it, however it’s acting a bit buggy. Specially in combination with Dyno Browser. I was wondering if I should switch to 1.3.1 or the issue might be something else?



Unless @john_pierson knows something I don’t (well I know he does but related to this), I would go with the primer.


The primer was built off of mine. But I updated 2016 after receiving feedback from people that 1.3.2 was technically supported. :slight_smile:


Cheers @john_pierson .
Some confirmation from the Dynamo team would also be great.
@Zach_Kron @Racel_Williams


Yes , @john_pierson is correct, the Dynamo for Revit 1.3.2 installer supports Revit 2016-2018. Looks like we didn’t update that table with the latest information, we’ll fix that up.


We updated the primer repo, but have not deployed. Stay tuned.


Ok. The Primer has been deployed again with the latest versions :smile: