LandXML to point cloud data format

Hi, everyone
Last days I had an interesting case to convert LandXML file to any point cloud’s data format. The result - two Dynamo nodes that can read XML-file and return PTS file [open-text description of point cloud].

I don’t used standard commands to read XML as XML and was read it as classic Text. There are two versions of nodes - for read classic XML named “Convert.TrueLandXML_To_PTS” as below:

And node for situation if XML file = 1 string (without split to strings) named “Convert.SingleLandXML_To_PTS
In fact - for convert 118 Mb XML file that contained of 756 000 points needing ~3-4 minutes.

Both nodes get paths to file and worked in hintergrund. After conversion it return ‘END’.
May be since some time I public it normal node that read XML as XML (with “using System.Xml”)

Convert_XML_to_PTS.dyn (10.2 KB)
Link to DLL files (ZIP-archive)