LandXML export from Civil 3D

Hi all, is it possible to export surface or alignment to LandXML from Civil 3D using any API or is it necessary to build LandXML from the scratch?

Hi @Drbohlav,

As far as I know, this is not available in either API (.NET or COM). The documentation (link here) seems to suggest that exporting is possible via COM, but I have not tried myself nor have I seen any example.

This post on the Civil 3D Customization forum is the closest I’ve seen. However, it really isn’t a solution for automating the LandXML export process - it’s just a way to split a single XML file into multiple XML files, one for each surface.

Hi @mzjensen,
I am looking for Python version of this but for TIN Surface export to LandXML.

Hi, I found this: “You can use the COM API to import or export surface data to or from LandXML.”

Correct. That is the same as the link above.

I found something new for inspiration How to Convert an ESRI TIN to a LandXML Surface