Extract 3d faces of multiple TIN surfaces

Hello community,

I am one of new learner of civil 3d dynamo.

I have to set one workflow in dynamo as below,

  1. Import land xml of TIN surfaces
  2. Assign surface style having traingle on.
    3.extract 3d faces of that surfaces to defined layer.

Is it workable? Looking for any idea and concern nodes to start up for my script.

Hi @pjangid81

At the moment i am not aware about any node to import the land XML to civil 3d model file. but please see bellow for point 2 and 3

I am getting some error for set.style will check if with latest toolkit i am still getting the same, if so then its should be reported i guess.

What does it say in the Log file?


If this helps

Thanks shahid, for your quick respond!

I will try for this definitely and let you know if any.