Lacing & List Levels for Linked Furniture Count

Working on this script to get the linked furniture count in the room tags, i got it to work but on some projects the count is slightly off. Wondering if it has to do with the lacing and list level setup. Am i missing something here? Would appreciate if someone can take a look!


Where does the error appear ? Can you circle it in red or give a simpler example ?

Maybe has to do with the final nodes of your script. Why separate your rooms ? I guess you can still count the number of elements in the empty lists (it will be 0) and affect the corresponding value to those rooms.

@mellouze Thanks for your reply. The scripts doesn’t give me any errors but at the Count node all the numbers are off, as an example i have added two of the correct numbers in red. Also when i run the script in a test project with a couple of rooms and pieces of linked furniture i am getting the right count. But when tried in a larger complex project the counts are off…

Weird … :confused:

I guess it is not the List.Count node that is bugging but rather the previous one or the link between Dynamo and Revit.

Have you tried running the script for those rooms and only those rooms ? Just to check what is bugging.

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It’s possible you have elements outside the bounds of the rooms.

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Link transforms could also be an issue. Dynamo always reads based on the hard coded origin unless you explicitly tell it otherwise. In your test project, move one of your project base points and relink by PBP to see if things fail the same way.



It might be worth checking the families and their room location point?

If you’ve got a family next to a 100mm wall and the location point is wrong by 100+mm you’ll get funny readings?

Hope that helps,


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Thanks for the suggestions all. I checked and everything was in place, turned out the Furniture Type Mark that i was using of the nested furniture family was the issue. So instead of using the nested family type mark i filtered by the individual element type mark and the counts came out correct.

Also for anyone interested in this workflow i added the Spring.dropdown.list node to the script, allowing me to run it in the Dynamo Player, so when i hit play the the script prompts me to select a design option gathered from the linked furniture model.

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