Know distance if linked wall moved

Hi there.
I usually works with non hosted families in MEP side, bad experiences hosting them.

I have some workflows to place components. With ceilings its ok because is easy to read height ceiling and associate it to the elements.

But for walls… i have auto place elements workflow with sockets receptacles and signs depending on the location of the doors. Ok.

But… what happens when a fantastic architect (im architect by the way so its only a joke) move their walls without advise us and my families are non hosted?

I want to know if you have any ideas to work with them in dynamo.
I dont like work with ref planes and face hosted families. At the end would be a lot of orphan and non hosted elements.

Thanks in advance

I attached the croquis idea.

Maybe this:

I didnt try it before. You know any site where can see some workflow?
I used to do with bim360 but in dynamo didnt try it.
Thanks @Marcel_Rijsmus

This uses another package

Thanks Marcel. Very nice workflow but it works with versions of a document.

In my models i have MEP elements and we work with live architecture models.

My goal is to check if the distance of an element in wall is “0”. If not, try to move the family at the wall moved, here i have the problem i dont imagine how can achieve that to find the previous wall host and measure it from the new wall position.
With that workflow it seems that will work if i have 2 versions of architecture on my model.