Knots Vector in NurbsSurface.ByControlPointsWeightsKnots

I don’t get the logic behind the vector knots.

I am trying to make simple 1 degree surfaces from a series of 4-points lists.

The error I get is as follow:

**Warning: NurbsSurface.ByControlPointsWeightsKnots operation failed. **
Unable to create NurbsCurve from control points. : ACIS_EXCEPTION_ACCESS_VIOLATION – Access violation

I suspect I am doing something wrong with the Knots Vector as it is something quite mysterious for me. I tired different combinations but nothing works.

any help?


ok I understood I had to add a List.Map as soon as I saw my post.

still, I don’t really understand what information the Knot Vector adds or what kind of added control it gives… it seems to me just a redundant information…

has anyone examples of what can be done throught it?