Key Schedule node: issue automatically creating data rows

Hi all,

My aim is to create a key schedule, I am using the Key Schedule node from the archi-lab package.

The issue I’m having is that when I hit Run I have no data written to the schedule I created, the solution is that before I hit Run I have to Insert Data Rows

For example if I create 20 (but I have 50 rows of data) it only imports the first 20 rows of my data :no_mouth:

Watching Konrads/archi-lab video of exporting grasshopper data ( the node produced 800 rows automatically so I dont know why mine isn’t.

That node does not automatically create the fields for you, only rows of data. See the post for more info:

One of the steps is:

Then I add the number of parameters that I will need (it matches the
number of items that i had in every list that i exported from GH):

Once you add all the fields, make sure that their container is set to TEXT and that your data is converted to strings. Then everything should work as expected:

You’ll also get a lot more help if you share your progress so far and a sample of your data.

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Ok so to implement your response:

  • I double checked that all parameters in the schedule are Text type
  • The number of fields in schedule already match the input fields of the node
  • I converted all of the inputs with the built in node String from Object

I am still having the issue that I have to Insert Data Rows before hitting Run or it only reads the number of Data Rows I have created :frowning: Please check screenshots, I hope I am explaining clearly

I just tried writing a few hundred entries and it worked just fine. Are you using the latest version of archi-lab?


Ok, so I just deleted and re-opened the node. It worked this time, whatever the issue was!

Thankyyyooouuu :smile: