Joining cable trays

Is it possible somehow to determine all cable tray fittings connected to some presice cable tray? Basically this is the question, but clarifications can be added if needed)

There are definitely more efficient ways to do this, but you can get the connectors of all cable trays and cable tray fittings, determine which connectors are coincident, and connect them (if they are not connected to each other already). The MEPover package has a lot of nodes dealing with connectors and most likely has what you are looking for. As you can imagine, as the number of total connectors increases, the number of checks you will have to do will increase exponentially. If you have 10 total connectors, each connector has to be compared to 9 other connectors (10*9 checks). If you have 100 total connectors, the number gets larger by an even greater factor.

Yes, “MEP connector info” from MEPover was what I neded, it was just not so obvious)