Join geometry with linked models

Hi, I’m trying to Join the walls of my architectural model with the structural framing, structural walls and with everything that my walls intersect with the structural model which is a linked model. I don’t know how can I do this since I only want to join the elements that intersect with each other. I’ve already managed to retrieve all the elements that I need from the link and I have a list with all the elements (walls) that I want to join with them but I couldn’t find any node that joins those elements together.

Thanks for the help

Can you share your graph ? :slight_smile:

Off course! Its pretty simple but here it goes

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I’m not sure if it’s even possible.

Maybe it is something like Element.Geometry > Element.JoinGeometry.

But why would you join the architectural and structural wall together? :slight_smile:

Thanks, well i need to do it because I always work in that way, one model for each discipline and I link them together into one Confederate model and for example whene I create walls from level 1 to level 2 they intersect with beams, floors, etc. Because of this I need to change the profile of the wall to adjust it to the beams, columns, etc to avoid future clashes, to produce accurate quantities and I need to join them in case the structural design changes, the wall profile changes with it and it is so exhausting doing that wall by wall

Haha thanks so much for the help, hope you understand my problem

Hi @jarss917

unfortunately that can’t be done in Revit , i know it’s a headache i have been taking about this issue before and i posted an idea in Revit forums to change the workflow in Revit or something. You can vote for it from the below link.


Hi , Can i, do this work with c#

great, Could you give me your Packages?

Here is my idea that make new walls with profiles which are cut by linked model and replace the original walls. All of wall hosted families can be automatically re-placed but you may have to change directions of them manually if necessary.