Element.JoinGeometry doesn't work properly?


I want to join geometry in this case a wall and floor, in the image below:

But the result is a warning “Element are not intersecting”, even if manually i can join the geometry.


This is a simple case, but when I work with lists of elements I find same warnings.

Anyone that can solve it?


I want to add an other info: base contraint of the wall is equal to level of floor. But if I put an offset to base contraint in way that wall is inside the floor, the node work.

@GRECO try this:

Hi @Elie.Trad, I can’t find this node in clockwork package and neither in dynamep. Is it possible or can you help to find it?

ok I found dynamep node. But this is the result

and this is what become with clockwork node. The node works but it doesn’t join geometry (see ‘false’ on success output)

@GRECO why are you using the node Elements.Type? go directly from Select Model Element to Element.JoinGeometry

Try to use the elements not the type…for me both node working fine.