Item at list index changes every time

Hi guys, i got a problem with the list.ItemAtIndex here. every time i restart dynamo, the list in the index change. I need to get an “A” info but when i quit dynamo and run in another time, index “A” changes into index “Z”. I don’t get it. Would appreciate any help! Thanks

dynn.dyn (17.1 KB)

Hi @rissasyafutri ,

You could try with automated way instead of manual input.

Try with exam list name with contain or Index of.

it will take every time automatically if the index range changes.

Hi Vijay, thank you for your reply. I’m a beginner in Dynamo world, I’ve tried ur solution and not getting any closer to my goal. Would u kindly give a demo? Appreciate it a lot.

Can you share the .dyn fine with the expected result?

or show the image with a preview.

Yeah I’ve posted the .dyn and the image here:

expected result would be “Density : 2407.31 kg/m3”

Can you show like this… All the nodes previews

Here you go

So you need this value right?

Actually, I need the density value. but yeah in general I need info from physical and thermal properties…

#Orchid package all the nodes you need

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Did you get what you needed?

Yes! This is what I need. Sorry for the late reply, I got a bit of trouble with Orchid installation. Now it works flawlessly. Hopefully, the info won’t change just like the prev problem. Thank you for the input, Vijay. Have a good day!

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