Issues getting using UI Data Shapes Custom Package

Hi, I’m using the UI.MultipleInputForm ++ package 2017.4.212 with Dynamo 1.3.0, to export multiple schedules to excel.
Everything works fine on my laptop. But when working on the office desktops the form in which I can choose the schedules to export doesn’t appear?

I found the problem: package 2017.4.120 is installed on my laptop, and works fine.
However, in 2017.4.212 the selection form doesn’t appear. In the last version 2017.4.240, I’m encountering the same issue. So the problem was resolved after installing 2017.4.120 onto all desktops.

Hi @Dieter.Scholer , what type of input causes the issue? can you please show how you set it up?

Hi @Dieter.Scholer @Mostafa_El_Ayoubi

I have moved the topic (Issues in getting UI form using Data shapes) here to keep forum tidy. Cheers!

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This was the complete workspace.

Hi @Dieter.Scholer ,
I can’t replicate the issue. Do you still get it with version 2017.04.280 of the script?