Isolating Filled Region types

Happy New Year!

I have many filled regions in my model with different types (Purple, Cyan, Pink… etc)

I want to be able to separate the filled region by type and calculate the total area of each.

For some reason my element.type node is coming back empty and I think that is the direction I need to go to achieve my results.

thank you in advance.

Here are two ways:

Hi, is there a way to find out the Type Name?

Here are two ways:

the only place where I can see: -
Type Name is though Family and Type : Filled Region

Not sure how to get that info though


ry adding in the “Element.Type” node from clockwork package after the “All Elements of Type” node, this will give you Type parameters from the elements

strange, still gives an empty list

Strange. Works fine for me. Im using Revit 2016 and Dynamo v.1.0

Hi @Hany_Iwamura, @Shaun_Hutchinson

This post didn’t seem to have a post marked as a solution, therefore posting this.
Seems like more steps than necessary, but it works!

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