Is there similar Dynamo node for doc.Regenate() in API?

i’ve created view filter in Python Script, and want to immediately set override using Dynamo node instead of within Python Script, doesn’t work.
if i do it in 2 separate steps then it works, so i assume some kind of regeneration is needed for current Revit document.

I believe your issue is that you are parsing the filter before it is set, if you instead pass the filter you are creating in your python node instead, and get both view and filter from there i believe it would work :slight_smile:
Change your last line to be

OUT = view, filter

And add a code block after your python script for splitting up the output in your view and your filter before passing to the last node

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hi @Ning_Zhou,

The thing is you don’t need to use AddFilter Method. You can directly use SetFilterVisibility Method.


thanks Jonathan & Jean, i removed AddFilter method, changed OUT = filter, works now

Hi @Ning_Zhou

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