Is there a way to use python 3 libraries in dynamobim

Is there a way to use python 3 libraries in dynamobim. I am aware that dynamobim has python 2.7 interpreter.

Hi, you cant use python 3 with dynamo. Latest versions of pyrevit supports Cpython and import of exterior python libraries

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Thank you. I saw some documentation and tutorial implementing it with revit. Do you know place where I can find something for dynamo.

Pyrevit may use CPython, but the interpreter in Dynamo uses IronPython, so you aren’t able to use nearly as many modules. Standard modules such as csv, os, functools, etc. are available, but other modules which are even partially implemented in C (numpy, tkinter, etc.) cannot be used.

I was wonder if there was a way where in a component of dynamo can take in some input, pass in one to an external python file which can execute and fetch back the output.

Something similar is possible for Grasshopper, and I have read somewhere it could be done with Zero Touch Nodes but I could not find more information on it.

Have a look at sub-processes. This allows you to execute an external CPython script, triggered by your IronPython script in Dynamo.

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