Is there a way to use key board short cuts for commonly used dynamo nodes?

is there a way to use keyboard short cuts for commonly used dynamo nodes? I doubt it but that would be sweet if we could. I find myself using the same nodes over and over again and it would be nice to create a keyboard shortcut to simplify placing the nodes that we want. Anyways, its a suggestion if nothing else. Thanks!

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You can add your comment to one of the wishes on github:

or create a new one.

Yeah the search is a bit crazy… Good for finding things when you dont know exactly what they are called (Like Length suggests Count for lists), but illogical if you already know what you want…

How about making a difference between lower case (normal) and Capitalised search? Every node has a standard naming structure with capital letters and maybe “.” So if I already know that I want “Element.GetCategory”, I could type “E.GC” and the search would show me all nodes that contain that sequence in their name. If I dont know what it is called “elem cat” or something will show me likely options.

Really the search does that? Lol I thought I was going crazy. I mean to whom exactly in modern society, does it make sense to have a search not narrow down as you type? For example if you want to search for a node: all elements of category node you literally have to type 20 characters and its still only comes up 5th place in the list. Then you have to hit the down arrows 4 times to highlight it and before you can press enter. That is 25 key strokes to get 1 node. I mean doesn’t that sound inefficient to anyone else? I’m talking about assigning a keyboard short cut to it like in revit were i can just type AC or whatever…and boom there it is. 2 key strokes versus 25…? Does that make sense?