Help with migration Dynamo programs

Hi everyone, i have a qusteoin about Dynamo programs.
I am programming few Dynamo files, thats work correct on my pc, but when i am trying to play them on another pc in our organization it dont work.
I undertood that the reason is add-ons packages.
So the question is how to play my programs on another pc in our orgranization without add new packages or i need install them to every pc?
Maybe there is some other method of running programs on another PC?

Hi @dz-ws-07 ,
You have few options :

  1. Avoid using custom packages in your Scripts, instead you can use native Dynamo nodes or Python codes.
  2. Install Packages manually in each post, you will need a way to manage versions in each PC in your organization.
  3. Use a central shared folder in your network, and develop a tool which can deploy packages from that central folder to each PC in your organization.
  4. Use paid service such as which does all of that and even more !

Here is a useful AU session : Deploying Dynamo to Your Company: Getting Everyone to Node and Code | Autodesk University

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I’ll think about what to do

I would add an option 3a - deploy the network folder to everyone’s local machine as part of the login script. This is pretty easy for IT to do, and likely the most robust solution that doesn’t require a paid service (Orkestra is awesome btw).