Is there a reason why Celery package is not showing up? Any alternative for graph map?

Celery is installed but not showing in Add-ons. How to fix it? neither i found any node in library.
I want to Graph mapping in dynamo. is there any alternative? Please suggest.


still not working :frowning:

Try this troubleshooting step: Find the package on your system (manage node and package paths), and open any of the custom nodes in there directly.

there is no custom node found inside Celery. What to do please help/

Uninstall it and try installing again as my first guess.

Also, can you confirm if you’re on Dynamo 2.0 or 1.3? A quick search has me thinking that celery isn’t compatible with 2.0 yet.

yeah i’m using dynamo 2.0.1
Ok i got it that Celery is not compatible with 2.0 yet.
Can you suggest any alternative of Celery for 2.0?

Nope - there hasn’t been much of a demand for such a functionality so there hasn’t been much exposed on that end. Try using 1.3.3 and see if that works so we can confirm it’s a 2.0 issue.

Form the description, it should work with Dynamo 2.0. But unfortunately no one seems to get it to work,

Generally, there is quite a demand for a graph mapper, but Dynamo and Revit have this unfortunate situation where a very one sided segment use the products. And therefore potential great packages like Dynashape, Celery, T-spline, Mesh Toolkit, etc, will never reach its full potential as we all seem to only interested in placing views on sheets and that sort of nitty gritty stuff. It’s not surprising why we still need to use Grasshopper.

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i agree with you @robertobatista. I felt dynamo could replace grasshopper but unfortunately it cant though it has potential. its a disappointment that we cant use this application with full potential. Hopefully more packages in future can help. until then for geometrical things i fell its better to stick with grasshopper.

@robertobatista and @ROY, if you feel this strongly that the package needs an update, I suggest you reach out to the owner directly, or look at building the functionality on your own.

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Replace the JSON file in the following location

C:\Users\%USERNAME%\AppData\Roaming\Dynamo\Dynamo Revit\2.0\packages\Celery

with this one: