Is there a dynamo book?

Hello, I read through the Dynamo primer but I need more information, examples, samples, etc. Is there a dynamo book out there that anyone has read that is any good? Thanks!

First please try and not duplicate previous forum posts. You posted this same question already.

That being said as far as I know there are no Dynamo books. There are some great video tutorials on Lynda, Pluralsight, and Autodesk University. There is also the great suggestions on this forum. There are also blog posts, twitter, YouTube, etc.

So there are resources out there.

I sort of feel that Dynamo is changing so quickly that publishing a book would make the book out of date fairly quickly - thus not making anyone any money. Just my thoughts on that.

@Tom_Kunsman makes some great points. By the time a book was published it would be outdated within weeks. We have created Dynamo fundamentals content at CADLearning as well. But if you want more advanced content, search around the forum. Or if you have a specific problem that is not addressed, make a post.

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Oh, sorry, i didnt see it under my recent posts so I thought I mush not have published it before I closed my web browser. I appreciate your insight. I figured as much, but there is just so much “basics” that primer doesnt cover, I figured there would be more out there somewhere. thanks anyways!

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Hi @mix

Have a look at the dynamobim dictionary it covers all the information of nodes including sample graph


Thanks that is exactly what I was looking for!

It looks like chapter 21 talks about Dynamo for Revit. But like Tom said above, there isn’t a book that covers Dynamo specifically, at least I haven’t found it. I’m guessing you know this book already from previous releases, but if you don’t, it’s a must have, very good.

good luck

3 Likesás-allá-Dynamo-Manual-Python/dp/B08P1FCBZY this one is in spanish :slight_smile: But I think google lens works pretty good with spanish -> english

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Thanks for the publicity. It is true, my book is in Spanish but it explains almost all the Revit API with Python (+ 630 pages)

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