Is it possible to lock the analytical model?

I would like to lock the analytical model, with the result that I can change the geometry of my elements and the analytical model remains the same. It would be perfect if I could lock the analytical elements separately.

Does anybody know if it is possible to do this?

I don’t. Can you elaborate on the workflow you need and how to do that in Revit? Did you find anything useful through the search tool and /or Google?

Thank you for your reply!

In my project the designing draftsman and the designing engineer work on the same model.
The designing engineer wants to lock the analytical model so that he can see the changes the designing draftsman has incorporated. He does not want the analytical model to change automatically because some changes are insignificant and he does not want to adapt the analytical model whenever the geometry changes.

I don’t know how to do that in Revit and I did not find anything useful through the search tool and/ or Google…

See what’s possible in the API documentation:

Maybe the EnableAutoDetect Method could be used?

I tried to convert the Revit API C# Code to Python (using this Tutorial -> but my work was not successful.

See this maybe :slight_smile:
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