Adjusting Analytical Model Elements wrt Adjacent Analytical Model Elements for Exporting to Robot Analysis

Hello All,

We are up for a very ambitious task of minimizing/ reducing the modeling work to half !

Firstly we want to use the Revit model which we created and send it to Robot for analysis purpose.
I know the same is possible as we have a Robot Analysis button in Analyze ribbon but, due to minor modeling errors from our modelers the same model can not be used as it is.

I want to align the distorted/misaligned analytical elements, so that the same model can be used in Robot.

I found the AU class from Catlin and Mihai and also another one By Andres.
I’m using Autodesk analytical modeling 2020 dynamo.
Though there’s no issue, no warnings but the result comes “Null”, no changes made.

Please find snip below-

Also, I couldn’t find any explation for these inputs. -

If anyone can help, it will be great! [ @sovitek ]
Thanks in advance!

Atharva Purohit

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Hello @atharva.purohit466SX …thx for that, but the first problem here as i read it…is you already had some errors…as you mention as minor modelling issues…here you probably already had a reason why it doesnt work…the best you could do is to share your entire dataset you work on as it almost impossible to fix without that…
Good luck Søren

Hi @sovitek !
Thanks for quickly replying and I understand we all need something to test on and dataset is needed here.
But i’m afraid I cannot share the same as it is a on going project.
Though if I can show you the instance and you can guide me here -

you can see the misalignment here, here the below wall is thicker than above and then there’s floor in between. Exterior faces of both walls are aligned which are in the right and both analytical walls have the analytical model aligned to center of the physical elements (wall).

Can you please create/ suggest a way to align the below analytical wall (only), without moving the physical model, to the top one?
It will be of great help!


Atharva !..Understandable…but then is my best guess…try to look at your model issues first… have a nice day :wink:

Hi Soren,

Got it , I totally understand that
But can you or anyone just explain those options which I have ticked with red in the 1st post?


I suggest reaching out to the people who built that graph, where did you get it?

Hi Jacob,

It is developed by Autodesk itself.

Check the Author field of that package -

Thanks Jacob!
I’m unable to find Bogdan in the forum, will look on linkedin.

Perhaps try an email, as that looks pretty direct and was publicly posted with the package.

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Here is the link to the documentation for Analytical Model Dynamo Package 2021 (it should be the same as 2020 version) : Analytical Modeling Input Data | Revit 2021 | Autodesk Knowledge Network

Hope it helps.

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Hi Bogdan!

Thank you for your response, I’ll try it out soon.