Is it possible to get core centerline from Linked Revit model with Dynamo?

I’d like to put the dimension from Core centerline to something on a floor plan in Linking(master) Revit model.

But,as you know very well, it is not available to see on Linking(master) one. So I cant’t get Core centerline and I can only get Wall centerline.
This problem has already been reported in Autodesk Revit community frequently but I couldn’t find anyway to solve the problem.

I’d like to know that it is possible or not to see wall core centerline from linked Revit model on Linking(master) Revit model with Dynamo.
And if there has already been some similar topic like this case on the Forum or there is other way, I would appreciate it if someone inform me about it.

So, you can’t snap to Core Centerline of linked wall in Revit?
Maybe we can create this line by formula from linked wall parameters,offsetting from available line? And create dimension from it?

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Hi @nakamura.tatsuya,

Use the Wall Layer References and Convert Linked Reference nodes for this task.

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@Vladimir @Alban_de_Chasteigner
Thank you both!
I’m sorry for late reply, I was leaving Dynamo because I was very busy recently…
Meeting Genius Loci was the happiest thing for me posting here.
I will try it again from today.

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Hello! Pretty new to dynamo! Any way you could explain what elements should be selected for this process? Thanks!