Is it possible to get center line of the surface?

I want to get center line of the surface.

if the surface like this,

the pink lines are what I want.

Is it possible?
I don’k know what I have to do.

I need your help!!!
thank you.

Are those lines in Revit?


You mean the black lines?
The black lines are in revit. (the pinks are not.)

@minji I think @Daniel_Hurtubise means: are those lines or are they elements?

To me it looks like a foundation plan, with beams/foundations elements. If so: getting the center line of those beams should be a breeze.

oh I’ve misunderstood. thank you.

I combined several walls(geometry) using Solid.ByUnion node.


Those are 9 walls.
I wanted to get the central lines of the walls.
So I combined the solids because of there different thickness and possible overlap.