Is it possible to export data to excel, grouping the rows?


I want to export a table created with dynamo in excel, but having the rows grouped automatically according to the logic of the images. it’s possible to do it?

Can you creat a sample of your end goal, and what you have tried in Dynamo thus far?

This appears to be possible, but not with any OOTB nodes (or user-created packages either, as far as I am aware). Here is an explanation of how to group rows in an Excel worksheet using the Excel Interop. This would require writing a custom Python node, adding a reference to the Excel Interop. Here is an example I have made previously, largely borrowing from another example in the IronPython Cookbook.

TL;DR: Possible, but requires coding knowledge.

It is probably easier to do the following:

  • write the ungrouped or unsummarised data into a spreadsheet using Dynamo- this can get overwritten as the data changes

  • link this data into a separate Excel file or worksheet, and summarise using a pivot table

  • the grouped data will be embedded in this second file. To update it- just refresh

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